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The automated system from the KollectAI Cloud automates the collection process. The system closes and opens delinquency tickets based on the occurrence of payments and the closing of invoices.

Loan Management System

ODF “Loan Management System” software is geared to enhance operational productivity and deliver an exemplary customer servicing experience to financial institutions. Our robust and scalable solution is designed with the aim to provide a seamless and high impact technology infrastructure for your business to spread across different geographies.

Data Pipeline

Data pipelines help you expand your cloud presence and migrate data to cloud platforms (yes, that’s with an s). Cloud computing helps you feed many new use cases at processing speeds, cost-effectiveness, and bursting capacity unheard of in traditional on-premises data centers. Plus your team can take advantage of rapid innovation happening on those cloud platforms such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, image processing, and more.

Decision Engine

Decision Engine is designed to help you save time and money by giving you the tools to automate “easy” credit decisions. Our tools help you build appropriate workflows that make for easy yes/no decision, as well as highlight situations that require further scrutiny.

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