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  • The current state of many A/R Departments is one full of manual tasks that involve working off of data in multiple systems and Excel spreadsheets.
  • KollectAI. autonomy’s Collections Management product utilizes a machine-learning based process that reduces the number of customer touches by automating outbound communication and prioritizing accounts based on data being gathered using artificial intelligence across the entire end-to-end platform.

Key highlights

Smart Worksheet

Optimize collector efficiency and cash flow by automatically generating daily worklists for the A/R department. Smart workflows empower the collector with real time customer intelligence and increase the number of customer touches.

360 overview of your customers

Find your customers, contracts, invoices, associated payments or advance payments, securities, calculated penalties, debts, as well as DPD (Days Past Due).

Omni-Channel platform

  1. Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, IVR, Voice mail, Legal letters and Tele calling.
  2. Predefined Collection Reminder and Notification templates for e-mail and SMS

Automated Dunning

Scale your outreach without adding headcount. Reduce the number of manual touches your team wastes time with each day by setting up letter and email templates that can be automated to send to your customers through automated rules.

Rules Based Collections

  1. Not all customers are created equal. Dynamic rules and strategies are 100% configurable, driven by kollectAI powerful machine driven automation. Pre-defined business will ensure that the right customers are touched at the right time.
  2. Configurable Collection Timeline Workflow

Promise-to-Pay Tracking

Automatically close promise to pay commitments as soon as cash is received in your ERP system with kollectAI’s real-time integrated workbench. Collectors will manage P2P’s by the exception vs. the rule and remain in one system at all times.

Detailed Activity History

Centralized tracking of all activity for every customer. View call logs, payments, tasks, and correspondence in one platform. Eliminate the need to store data in Excel spreadsheets and post-it notes or across multiple systems.

Dispute Management

Streamline the dispute resolution process with a workflow based solution. 360 view lifecycle management with built in collaboration tools for identification of root causes, assignment, routing/escalation and final resolution.

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