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There’s always a better, sharper, faster, simpler way to do things. We question every assumption, cherish bright ideas and make new things happen.


Our clients’ shoes are too big to fill, but we never learnt to walk without putting ourselves in them. Our endeavour is to empower our customers to engage more meaningfully with their colleagues across levels, and take more informed decisions.


Ownership for us is not just building the product – it is ensuring we are solving a problem, managing the change, helping the user drive results and seeing it through to the end.


Reason always trumps designation. We believe in crediting every valid point no matter how young the source may be. We value consistent high performance and expect everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our key motto is “Grow with your customers”

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

David Lin

Founder & CEO, ODF

Jawahar Sukumar

Director, ODF

Raja Mohamed Saibullah

Associate Director

Aayushi Saxena

Director - Product

Bharti Singhal

Product Manager

Santosh Kumar

Product Manager

Mohammed Ali

HR and Admin

Monika Khichi

Data Scientist

Bisma Niyaz

Data Analyst

Divya Keerthana

UX Designer

Asheesh Sahu

Sr. Software Engineer

Parul Gupta

Sr. Software Engineer

Shubham Pawaiya

Software Engineer

Sachin GK

Software Engineer

Sayan Shakya

Software Engineer

Shivanshu Srivastava

Software Engineer

Dileep Sathyan

Data Scientist

Pradeep Jinka

Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Zeyaul Mustfa

Web Designer

Rishabh Kesarwani

Data Scientist

Kethan Kumar K

Sr. Software Engineer

Akshay Kumar Arya

Software Engineer

Prathyusha Pateel

Data Scientist

Ashish Kumar

Data Scientist

Sheik Riaz

DevOps Engineer

Shubham Kumar


Surya Pratap Singh

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Aneesh K

Data Engineer

Suyoj Man Tamrakar

Software Engineer

Lavudya Susanth

Data Analyst

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